Croatian for foreigners

Did you know…

  • …that the smallest town in the world according to Guinness Book Record is situated in Croatia?
  • …that there is an asteroid named Croatia?
  • …that the word ‘encyclopaedia’ was used for the very first time by an inhabitant of Zagreb, Mr Pavao Skalić, in the year of 1559?

Smart School organizes group and individual courses for all those who want to learn the Croatian language and get an insight into Croatian culture. In classes we learn how to speak accurately, pronounce correctly, as well as how to read and write in Croatian. We achieve this by using various course books, audio and video materials, publications, comics, movie clips and other interesting contents adjusted to the students’ level of knowledge and interests in order to ease their acquisition of a new language. The students are introduced to grammatical and lexical structures and learn correct pronunciation in an interesting way through carefully chosen tasks. The teacher’s main task is to teach you how to communicate in everyday life situations, as well as how to read and write correctly.

Professionalism, adaptability and high quality of our classes are the main characteristics of our school, which you can see for yourself when visiting us in the Smart School. The courses are held by native speakers, professors of Croatian language and literature with many years of experience in working with students from all over the world.
Students with no previous knowledge are enrolled at a beginner’s level.

Students with some previous knowledge take written and oral entry exams in order to be placed into an appropriate study group.

We can organize accommodation for you in line with your wishes and needs. We offer the possibility of staying in a hotel, hostel or private accommodation. For all further information do not hesitate to contact us on

Regular individual lessons are lessons completely personalized, and the curriculum is drawn up in agreement with the student. Individual lessons are aimed at all those who can’t follow the regular group schedule due to their various obligations or prefer individual work with a teacher.

Intensive individual lessons are completely tailor made for the student and the curriculum is drawn up in agreement with the client. Lessons are held 3 or more times a week (depending on the agreement with the student).
Tailored (business) specialized language course (individual lessons) – classes that work on specific topics related to your occupation, and the curriculum is drawn up in line with your needs. The hours and dynamics of the lessons are arranged between the student and the teacher in line with the student’s aspirations.

1. Regular courses

  • students are divided according to their level of knowledge. The four main language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening) are studied and practised by analysing various training units. The lessons are held in the form of two school hours twice a week, and the course includes 60 school hours.

2. Intensive courses

  • students acquire speaking, writing, reading and listening skills in a short period of time. This course is aimed at those who want to finish a level in a shorter period of time than the regular one. The courses commence in September, February and June and they include 45 school hours; 3 school hours a day.

3. Tailored (business) specialized language courses

  • it is possible to draw up a Croatian language curriculum that is adjusted to specific occupations. Our goal is to apply grammar and spelling rules in oral and written business communication, as well as to develop communication skills that are necessary in everyday situations at your workplace. The courses commence in September, February and June, and they include 20 school hours: 4 school hours a week (2×2).

4. Conversational classes

  • require a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the Croatian language. They are aimed at those students who wish to improve this language skill by participating in interesting discussions on current topics. This course includes 20 / 30 school hours.

5. Intensive conversational lessons

  • include 20 school hours for the duration of two weeks: 2 school hours a day (in September, February and June).

6. Regular conversational classes

  • include 30 school hours: two school hours per week (on Thursdays).

7. Croatian “on the spot” or Croatian in practice

  • requires a higher level of knowledge and understanding of the Croatian language. The lessons are held outdoors exclusively. We go sightseeing, visit museums, galleries, theatres, cinemas and concerts, where the language is learnt in real life, everyday situations. It is also possible to organize individual fieldwork. This course includes 15 classes. The entry fees, etc. are not included in the price of the course.